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Being Present

By Maria Lodge

TUE JUL 07, 2020

Last week, I was struggling with the uncertainty that we are dealing with now due to Covid-19. I was disappointed that planned visits were cancelled and that planning anything right now is often futile. By using the lessons that yoga and meditation teach me, I allowed myself to release the need to be in control. Shortly after I made that decision, my son asked if he could come visit with his family. Yay~ the Universe heard me! Of course there are plans that must be made when hosting especially with small children but I have been striving this week to be present. Putting my phone down, focusing on those with me, allowing for spontaneity and for each moment to be special has brought me tremendous joy!

Please join me to practice being present on our mats so we can foster that mindfulness for peace & joy in our lives!

Class schedule, descriptions & registration can be found here ~https://www.asanawellnesspt.com/schedule


Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy