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Happy Autumn!

By Maria Lodge

MON SEP 21, 2020

It has felt like Autumn for a few days but it will be official on Tuesday September 22 at 9:31 AM. Scientifically speaking, an equinox is the moment at which the sun is aligned with the earth's equator. This is different than a solstice, which represents one of the two moments in the year when the sun's path is farthest from the equator (either north or south). So while we here in the northern hemisphere transition to longer nights, in the southern hemisphere the days begin to lengthen.

As the leaves begin to fall these crisp days encourage us to shed what no longer serves us and store goodness like a squirrel saving nuts!

Turning to our yoga practice is the perfect way to release and build new habits, practices and positive energy to maintain balance as we move towards darker days!

Please join me this week as I add new classes to nourish our souls! Please let me know how else I can serve you! I am hoping to add more classes!

Tuesday 9/22

9:30 AM, Smooth Yoga via Zoom ~ Autumnal Equinox Class!

Wednesday 9/23

9:30 AM ~ Smooth Yoga at Riverton Memorial Park ~ Autumnal Equinox!

Noon ~ Lunchtime All Levels Vinyassa - New Class

Thursday 9/24

9:30 AM ~ Smooth Yoga via Zoom

Friday 9/25

11 AM, ~ Pop up Friday Yoga Special ~ New Class

This week will be Smooth Yoga Outside in Marlton

~ Pop up Classes will be dependent on weather, may change locations & class styles from week to week!

Check the schedule each week for offerings & let me know what you would like to try!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning, 8:30 AM ~ Morning Movement & Meditation on FaceBook Live! * Request to Join the Asana Wellness Community Facebook group!

Class schedule, offering descriptions & registration can be found here ~https://www.asanawellnesspt.com/schedule


Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy