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Intentions for yoga practice

By Maria Lodge

MON AUG 10, 2020

One of the things that differentiates yoga from exercise regimes is the practice of setting an intention. The Sanskrit word for for this intention setting is Sankalpa. According to Yogapedia https://www.yogapedia.com/definition/5751/sankalpa

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit term in yogic philosophy that refers to a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, an intention, or a resolve to do something. It is similar to the English concept of a resolution, except that it comes from even deeper within and tends to be an affirmation.

This term comes from the Sanskrit roots san, meaning "a connection with the highest truth," and kalpa, meaning "vow." Thus, it translates to denote an affirming resolve to do something or achieve something spiritual.

Oftentimes, yoga practice can help an individual uncover and cultivate their own sankalpa in order to achieve enlightenment.

When setting a personal intention for practice we look inward to discover what we need to help us get the most out of our yoga practice. An intention helps to motivate, improves focus and assists us to bring our yoga practice into all aspects of our life. Different from a goal, an intention is not necessarily something to do, it is a way to be. Intentions need not be complicated and they should always be positive. Try not to overthink intention setting or be triggered by the idea of setting the perfect intention. Let your heart speak to you and keep it simple. Some ideas to get you started:

  • I will let my breath guide me.
  • I will open my heart to giving and receiving love.
  • I will be thankful.
  • I will be kind to myself.
  • I will be resilient.

By setting a positive intention for ourselves we can create a space for transformation, acceptance and growth!

Please join me this week to set intentions and practice kindness to ourselves on and off the mat!

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Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy