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Memorial Day ~ A day of Offering & Reverence

By Maria Lodge

MON MAY 25, 2020

Memorial Day ~ A day of Offering & Reverence

As a gesture of Reverence, I choose to focus on Anjali Mudra for my yoga practice today. The word Anjali means "offering", it is a hand gesture used to honor or revere oneself and others. As we celebrate this Holiday to kick off summer, reflecting on Reverence to those who have given the ultimate offering of sacrifice for our freedom feels appropriate.

Historically "Decoration" Day or Memorial Day was a day to honor the military who gave their lives for our freedom. Now it seems fitting to include many others, such as first responders, healthcare workers and essential employees that sacrifice for our well being and freedom.

According to Yoga Journal ~ '"Anjali itself means "offering," and in India this mudra is often accompanied by the word "namaste" (or "namaskar," depending on one's dialect). As the consummate Indian greeting, like a sacred hello, namaste is often translated as "I bow to the divinity within you from the divinity within me." This salutation is at the essence of the yogic practice of seeing the Divine within all of creation. Hence, this gesture is offered equally to temple deities, teachers, family, friends, strangers, and before sacred rivers and trees."

I look forward to seeing you on the mat this week as we explore Anjali Mudra more during our Yoga practice!

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*Coming soon, outdoor yoga classes in my yard!


Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy