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By Maria Lodge

MON APR 13, 2020


On this dreary Monday morning not only did I struggle to get out of bed, I struggled with how I would theme my classes this week. As I was preparing for to share my Morning Movement and Meditation practice on FaceBook, in my dark office/yoga studio, I turned on a light. It was still dreary so I turned on my salt lamp, let a candle & turned the color changing light on my diffuser which was filled with an uplifting essential oil blend called Elevation. As I stepped back satisfied with the lit up room, music filled my head...

~ " You are the Light of the World" ~ Matthew 5:14-16.

Then it came to me ~ Light!

In Yoga Practice we say "Namaste" ~ "The Light in me, honors the light in you."

In Reiki we refer to the energy we activate and channel as light~ "Sending Love & Light"

I have been listening to a friend who is a musician and poet discuss his current project/album titled ~ "Bring the Light" (Todd Lavelle~ Check out his amazing work)

So on this gloomy day, in a spring season with longer days and more physical light but a struggle to be safe & secure. I will focus on light!

Be the Light!

Spread the Light!

Share the Light!

Please join me this week to foster light and hope with yoga, meditation and Reiki:

FaceBook: each morning Mon-Sat. at 8:30AM, I am hosting a short Movement & Meditation Practice on my business FaceBook page ~ https://www.facebook.com/asanawellnessphysicaltherapy/ This is a business page which allows all to view even if they do not have a FaceBook account. Donations to support this can be made on my website https://www.asanawellnesspt.com/ which uses PayPal to process all transactions.

Scheduled Yoga Classes: Scheduled Yoga classes are listed on my website: https://www.asanawellnesspt.com/ and will be presented using the Zoom conferencing website.

Private Yoga Classes and Reiki sessions: also may be arranged through my website. For these sessions I will utilize Zoom or if you prefer, we could use another means to connect such as FaceTime, FaceBook Messeger or by phone

Asana Wellness PT Community Private FaceBook Group:

I created this group to allow us to connect and share with each other. I am considering offering a weekly Yoga practice here and would love to hear your input there about what you need to support you. If you are on FaceBook (or decide to join FB) please join this group so we can share ideas, prayers, stories and connection! Asana Wellness PT Community ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/2601723510100352/

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and love!

Sending love & light from my heart and hands to all of you!