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Resilience vs. Flexibility

By Maria Lodge

TUE JUN 09, 2020

People often say to me, " I can't do yoga, I am not flexible enough". To which I usually reply, "that is why you need it". But really yoga makes us more than flexible it makes us resilient.

Resilience is about being flexible but also being strong!

In yoga we practice resilience when we use our breath and body in ways which demand us to change things up and do things differently while also remaining strong and steady. Doing this on the mat sets prepares us for life off the mat where we are called to be flexible & strong. The challenge and unpredictability that come with practicing yoga have the benefit of teaching your brain how to adapt to change!

The brain loves novelty and repetition! Trying new poses requires the brain to solve a problem & become a bit uncomfortable. This creates new connections in the brain so it learns how to change. Repetition makes these connections strong! Just like exercising a skeletal muscle makes it strong, the more you engage in this practice of "innercise" the stronger and more flexible your mental & emotional "muscles" become! Your brain learns to change itself by using "neuroplasticity" and that is a wonderful thing!

Frustration, worry, anger & uncertainty are part of life, responding with resilience will bring us peace while improving our physical health and joy!

Join me on the mat (or in the pool) this week to build Resilience!

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***New Class added to schedule ~ Aqua Yoga! ***


Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy