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Yoga for Uncertainty

By Maria Lodge

MON JUN 29, 2020

My plan for the week was to highlight all of the opportunities for outside practice that I am offering this week. In addition to Aqua yoga, Asana Wellness will be teaming up with YogaTree Riverton to offer classes in Riverton Memorial Park. We were set to offer a class Tuesday night but then were informed that a Black Lives Matter event that was rained out last week was rescheduled for Tuesday night in the park. Initially uncertain as to whether to share the park or move our class to a Zoom, out of respect for the Black Lives Matter Movement and their important message we decided not to compete for space or time and postponed our launch of Park classes.

Next, I thought, well at least I should highlight the scheduled class for Wednesday Morning at the park & my afternoon Aqua Yoga class. Then, I thought maybe I should look at the weather forecast. Well, doing that brought uncertainty once again. The weather forecast for Wednesday is iffy at best. So instead of highlighting outside classes I am pondering how Yoga teaches me to handle uncertainty. Gina Ramos describes it well in this article: https://medium.com/@gina_7990/turn-to-yoga-in-times-of-uncertainty-472ab77c29f9

The last few months have brought about so much uncertainty that we may be weary of dealing with it but our yoga practice teaches us to many tools for dealing with the uncertainty we are experiencing with grace and resilience.

So even though I am sure or not where or how I will share Yoga with others this week it will be OK. My yoga practice on the mat of breathing, focus, grounding, adaptation and observing has prepared me to accept and be resilient in the face of uncertainty off the mat.

Please join me somewhere, somehow this week to allow for peace during uncertain times.

Class schedule, descriptions & registration can be found here ~https://www.asanawellnesspt.com/schedule


Maria Lodge, PT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

Asana Wellness Physical Therapy